Our Mission

We are White librarians organizing to confront racism in the field of children’s and young adult literature.  We are committed to working in the ongoing struggle for authenticity and visibility in books; to supporting opportunities for people of color and First/Native Nations people in all aspects of the children’s and young adult book world; and to holding publishers, book creators, reviewers, librarians, teachers, and others accountable. We are learning, and hold ourselves responsible for understanding how our whiteness impacts our perspectives and our behavior as we strive to be allies with this movement.
We know that we lack the expertise that non-white have on marginalized racial experiences.  We resolve to listen and learn from people of color and First/Native Nations people willing to speak about those experiences.  We resolve to examine our own White racial experiences without expecting people of color and First/Native Nations people to educate us. As White people, we have the responsibility to change the balance of White privilege.

This is a living document that we expect (and hope) will change as we all learn more and as we hear more from our colleagues.